Our services

Electrical wiringOur services

With the highest quality products and high skilled staff, we offer electrical installation services.

Projection installationOur services

  • Projection installation
  • Projectors
  • Projection screens
  • Cables
  • Supports
  • Plaques
  • Accessories
  • Audioconference
  • Cinema at home
  • Audio
  • Interactive boards
  • Squared mark
  • Illuminated boards
  • Facilities

Installation and Sound WiringOur services

Products for cinemas, auditoriums, meeting rooms, restaurants, discos, etc.

We actively participate in the digitization of cinemas, nationally and internationally. We have developed products and services over the years to meet the demand of the entertainment industry offering Integral solutions.

Structured cablingOur services

We offer services, solutions and products for the structured cabling of your office, building or company in order to provide and offer connectivity to all your active equipment, of different or equal technology.

With our wiring services, you can get the integration of the different services available, such as telephony, voice, data, video, security, home automation, etc.

That means, everything related to structured cabling, to the structured cable system, to wiring network, to voice and data cabling.

Film screen structure supplies


Installation for use of computer equipmentOur services

Equipment of sales point, desktops, laptops, servers, etc.

Installation and running of local networks with servers, work stations, and online printers. Maintenance and calibration services for existing networks.

Digital SignageOur services

Digital signage, known as dynamic digital signage or digital multimedia signaling, is the use of digital content broadcasted through screens such as LCD monitors, plasma screens, a panel of LEDs or projectors (Projector).

Home cinema LEDOur services

Home Cinema LED , The possibility of having a cinema in home is an idea that excites all people. Nothing like enjoying a movie on a big screen and in surround sound. Today it is possible to have a high definition image resolution and even 4K in addition to a sound environment based on many audio channels that achieve an impact that can be equal to, or even exceed, that of a commercial movie theater. We want to be the technological ally of our clients to meet their life goals and we know the process to achieve it, therefore, it is that COEMMSA launches HOME CINEMA LED to the market that aims to help families fulfill their dreams and life projects.

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