About us

Specialized as a company that integrates cinema projects and supportWho we are as a company

We are a company with a wide range of specialized services on integral development projects of technology service installation , digital projection, structured wiring, supports and supplies of blacksmithing, computer equipment, digital installation and signage, as well as led screens with digital content management.

Founded on January 31, 2007, in Morelia Mich., COEMMSA ELECTRICOS has participated in projects in Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Santiago de Chile, Brazil, with worldwide clients such as DOLBY, CHRISTIE, GDC, JBL, CJ4PLEX, among others.

We are a company dedicated to offer integral solutionsWho we are as a company

Our people

Our team is integrated by highly qualified professionals specialized in different branches of TECHNOLOGY, complemented also by Architects, Builders, Service Engineers, Specialist Technicians, Blacksmiths, Painters, Electricians, Carpenters, Carpet and Curtain Installers, who globalize work of more complete integration, delivering to the final customer, the experience of a solution as a whole.

Improving your senses, projecting your emotionsWho we are as a company

We are a company dedicated to delivering integral solutions on project development and technology.

Committed to fulfil our client’s needs at a national and international level, with the professionalism of our certified personnel and being confident before the acquired challenges, which symbolizes us as unrivaled suppliers.

To be a competitive company in electrical installations, civil works, projection and sound assemblies, with the commitment to deliver attention with respect, professionalism and reliability in any social, national and international environment.

Our values


Unwavering determination in meeting our goals; our greatest commitment is to help our clients to reach their goals with capability and performance.


Our current trajectory has given us reliability because we always go above and beyond our acquired commitment.


We value and recognize the individuality, rights and integrity of our employees, clients and suppliers with empathy, creating a perfect environment.


The optimism and creativity of our collaborators make their work run on time.


We are a company training continuously to offer efficient and competitive service. Performing outstanding results that distinguishes us.

Always happy

While modernizing, growing, quality performing, simplifying and improving processes. Increasing competitiveness, reducing expenses and costs.

We fulfill and deliver what our customers need

We fulfill and deliver what our customers need. Working with flexibility and making quick decisions.

One of our keys to success is our vast experience in cinemas, technological update in the corporate world-renowned companies and constant search for new technologies that make the change in business processes.

Our experience

Technical support 97%
Quality of products 99%
Solutions in time and form 97%
Work quality 99%

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